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PEF's Statement of Solidarity, Support & Action

As a community and educational organization we denounce all discriminatory practices that result in the perseveration of the inequities imposed on people of color.  We believe that education is a human right.  Teachers play a major role in influencing needed change.  PEF is committed to providing resources to support social justice education for educators and students in Pittsfield, MA. #BLM

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The Pittsfield Education Foundation

5th Annual Fundraiser

Take out | Give back

We're virtual this year!

We’re pleased to present this event to continue your support of the Pittsfield Education Foundation and enjoy some fantastic food in the comfort of your home!

We've partnered with Smokey Diva's to create BBQ Boxes for purchase. A box contains an assortment of your barbecue favorites specially prepared by owner Lorraine Jones.

What We Do

- Making a Difference -
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Programs we've supported

Professional development for educators:

  • Conversational Spanish course to improve communication with families.

  • Training on strategies for working with students diagnosed with ADHD.

  • Refined lesson planning and participation in research-based training to support literacy skills.

  • Teacher presentation at the 2018 American Alliance of Theatre & Education National Conference.

  • Enhanced vocabulary instruction and explore researched-based reading interventions.

  • Creating hands-on kits to build fluency in mathematics at the elementary level.

  • Tuition support for a Pittsfield educator to complete a Master’s degree program.

Student Programs:

  • Support for Dr. Shirley Edgerton’s social justice program that teaches young men strategies to overcome adversity

  • Summer Writers’ Workshop to help middle school students build confidence in writing

  • Provided Digital Escape Rooms for high school students to develop collaborative problem-solving skills

  • Sent elementary students to Ramblewild for team building and to learn about nature.


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