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PEF will be discontinuing our operations in Spring 2023.

Dear PEF Supporters,

It is with bittersweet sentiment that we inform you that after eight years of supporting PPS educators and students, the Pittsfield Education Foundation (PEF) will be discontinuing our operations Spring 2023.

Upon learning about the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation’s (BTCF) development of Pittsfield Education Enrichment Fund, the PEF board of directors has determined the efforts of our organization and BTCF’s to be duplicative.

The PEF board of directors is proud to have had the opportunity to support teachers and students in their efforts to improve literacy and educational outcomes in the Pittsfield schools for the past eight years. The Foundation’s resolute members worked to generate funds for enriching educational opportunities and enhanced professional development for teachers: bridging the gap in services that are beyond the capacity of the school district’s limited budget.

With your generosity over the years, together we have been able to make a significant impact in the Pittsfield Public Schools by supporting many programs, including:

- Educational training in social justice
- Expanding classroom libraries
- Purchasing new equipment for Taconic’s High School’s media program

- Granting scholarships to graduates from both Taconic and Pittsfield High School.

Our final contribution to the PPS community will be to donate our remaining funds ($20,000) to the school system in support of a district-wide, four-day professional development institute this summer, which will bring nationally-renowned educational leader Dr. Douglas Fisher to Pittsfield to work directly with PPS faculty.

Dr. Fisher will be the opening speaker for a four-day Teachers Leading Teachers Summer Learning Institute. All Pittsfield teachers and paraprofessionals are invited to attend these workshops. Dr. Fisher will build teacher agency, support teacher capacity, and will energize teachers in the critical work they are doing with Pittsfield students.

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to this community. It has been our privilege to support Pittsfield Public Schools.

With best wishes,
Pittsfield Education Foundation Board of Directors

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