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Request A Grant

PEF is committed to boosting education in Pittsfield schools, and we do this in partnership with Pittsfield educators. As the heart of students' education, your work is important to us, and we aim to support you by helping to finance activities that may not be within the district's budget. Is there a conference you would love to attend to improve your teaching practice? A program you want to bring to your students or a field trip you want to plan? Now is your chance. 


Our grant program provides funds for educators through an application process, or you may choose to attend one of our monthly meetings to discuss an idea you have in mind! 


We invite you to apply by clicking "Apply Online" or return the downloadable PDF to us at Educators can also apply by speaking at one of our monthly meetings. In this case, please select "Contact Us" and fill out the form indicating you would like to attend a meeting, and we will connect with you!

Our board of directors reviews applications and responds as promptly as possible.


If you have an idea for a project but are unsure PEF will support it? Or want to discuss how to develop a program? Attend a meeting or send us an email with some details and your goal -- we'll be happy to work together and offer feedback! 


We also encourage educators to connect with us if you need assistance filling out the Grant Application. We are available to help support you in the process. 

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